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Neapolitan Box

Furnished content.

Neapolitan BoxBox number 15 in my box building venture.
I'm calling this one Neapolitan like the three flavored ice cream.
This box is almost totally mystery wood reclaimed from a pallet. It was mostly yellow/green and very tight grained except for the figuring in the front panel. I also am not certain about the panel for the lid… hickory or maybe even pine. I used what I think is maybe walnut and cedar for the laminated “stripes” on the base and the lid.Before I put the finish on the box, there was a really cool green, orange and purple color scheme going on but I knew that they would darken or change colors with the oil based finish I used. All the reclaimed wood was planed by hand and a L.V. smoothing plane then cut to size with a japanese pull saw. The miters were cut with the same plane but I used the 45 degree miter shooting board I built for that plane. I thought about using splines for the miters but the base and the top have rabbets that the box sits in and will prevent joint failure. I really like the lid on this piece. It shows all the contrasting woods very well. This is the first decorative box or gift box that I've used hinges on. I used them on the tool boxes I've recently made for my chisels. I'm not sure how I like them on this box.Finished with an oil based wipe on blend of equal parts tung oil, boiled linseed and oil based poly. I then applied clear shellac and rubbed it with #0000 steel wool and buffed it out with Johnsons Paste Wax.It is about 8 1/2 inches long by 4 1/2 inches deep and 5 1/2 inches tall.
Thanks for looking.
Mr Wolfe

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posted at: 12:00am on 24-Jul-2019
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home << Woodworking << auto neapolitan box

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