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September 2020
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Sungka Board Fever Mk II

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Sungka Board Fever Mk IIOK this is the final episode of the Sungka board production as far as I am concerned.
As you would be aware if you were following the antics of myself and anthm27 we have both been busy making these game boards.I started these three in April and have only just managed to finish them.
Most of the time was taken up with me experimenting with work processes and buying tools I never used in the end to achive the results you see here.The Timber.
The Timber is Australian Swamp Gum or AKA River Gum some stock courtesy of LLWW or AKA degoose.
Sadlythe plank of timber I chose had quite a few defects in it and replicated through the timber to each individual board, but as I wanted to develop a work method to produce them as my wife friends kept ordering more each visit I continued on regardless to completion.One of the boards is subject to a blog if your interested further.Work Process.
The plank I used was 3m in length so I docked three pieces out of it suitable for the boards
I then ripped the three down to about 28mm and set to work.
Initally I used a modified roundover bit in a hand held router and the template at picture four.template
This produced the board in the middle.
As this way too long to route out I set out to reduce the milling time from about 2 hours to about 30minutes.
I achieved this time reduction by using an Arbortech Mini planer.
The results are the fish and truck board.Once all the carving and shaping were completed I used my favorite girl to assist with the sanding, she sanded everything to 600 Grit, I had a picture of her but somebody pinched her while she was at the New store helping out there.the boards were then friction polished to achieve the finish seen in the pictures.I dont have any action shots of the boards in use but if LBD decides to fly North for the winter I may get him and I active with a game and then I can post some pictures of the odd couple or two grumpy old men playing.Thats it from me for the time being hope I didnt bore you too much.

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posted at: 12:00am on 12-May-2019
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home << Woodworking << auto sungka board fever mk ii

September 2020
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