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January 2021
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Scrap - Wood Storage Cart

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Scrap - Wood Storage CartAs most woodworkers realize how impossible it is to keep your lumber supplies organized. Over the past 5 years I have created so many projects in my attempt to solve this dilemma and to be honest some of them worked for a while and others failed miserably.
At the present moment I have 3 units that I currently fit all my scrap lumber and sheet goods into and they take up a decent amount of room in the shop. So I decided to try and fit all my scrap wood and sheet goods into 1 unit and alleviate some of the space that my current set up is taking up.I will be breaking this project into 4 sections and they are:PHASE 1 : Building the Vertical Storage UnitPHASE 2: Building the Central Storage SectionPHASE 3: The Base, Front & Cart BackPHASE 4: Cart AssemblyRESEARCH & DESIGNI wish I could claim credit for this design but I was not the one who designed it. I came across this project on Pinterest and the original design came from DIY Montreal, you can find her website in the link and she also has free project plans to help make it. She also documented a project video on YouTube and you can watch it HERE.HERE..MATERIALS NEEDED
This project requires the following materials in order to make the cart. Ask the home center to break down the 2 big plywood sheets, they are available in both sets of plans.Qty 2 – Full sheets of 3/4 plywoodQty 4 – 3 CastersWood Glue1-1/4 wood screws1-1/4 pocket hole screws#12 3/4 Hex Head Slotted Sheet Metal Screws (I use these to secure the casters to the base)PHASE 1Vertical Shelving UnitThe vertical storage sections is basically made up with 2 sides and 4 shelves, the shelves are secured with glue and screws into the dado's that were cut using a dado stack installed into my tablesawHere is the completed shelving unit
Dado joints secure the shelves into the sidesPHASE 2 – CENTER BIN STORAGEThe second phase of the scrap wood storage cart dals with the central storage option. This is basically a bunch of cubbies that I plan on standing lumber in vertically.
The storage unit basically has 2 sides and 4 cubbies . The sides of the cubbies is angled from the back to the front.Breaking Down the plywood sheet into the sides of the unit, using my circular saw and straight edgeUsed my plunge router with a dado jig to cut the dado joints that will secure the dividersCut the dividers to final dimensionsCenter Cubby Storage all completePHASE 3 – The Back, Base and FrontPhase 3 deals with the cart Base, Front and Back. This section is the final section where I will be cutting the final components of the cart before I start my assembly.Here are the tasks that I completed in this section:The Base and CastersThe Back and Pocket HolesThe FrontTHE BASE & CASTER WHEELS
The base is pretty basic stuff but its role in the cart is crucial. The base is what all the other components that I made sit on, so it needs to cut to the exact size in order for everything to fit on it. As far as skill needed to create the base its very basic stuff but here is the order of events that went into prepping it.Here is the underside of the base with the caster wheels all secured.THE BACKThe back of the cart is basically a plywood panel that is secured on the back edge of the base, this panel defines the sheet goods storage space that I am building into the cart. In hindsight I wish this space was wider, because at 6 deep it really doesn't cater to storing that much storage space, but anyway hindsight is a beautiful thing. The panel is basically a quarter sheet of plywood with pocket holes all the way along the long edge so as that it can be screwed into the base of the cart, I also positioned pocket holes on the back edge so as that I can secure the panel into the vertical shelving rack I built in phase 1.Here is the back with all the pocket holes cut so as to attach the bac to the cart bottom and vertical shelving unitTHE FRONTTHE FRONT
Basically the front is a long piece of plywood that is positioned on the front of the cart, as you can see in the image there is very little to it. I basically cut the panel to 48 x 6 wide. But what you don't really see is that I have drilled pocket holes into the back face of the plywood panel in order to secure into the base. Basically anything that is being secured into the base is pocket hole screwed with glue.ASSEMBLY TIMEThe assembly was done in the following sequence.Attached the vertical shelving unit to the baseAttached the back to the cartAttached the Central storage cubby unitAttached the front
Vertical Shelving Unit installed with glue and pocket screwsHere is the back getting attached to the base and shelving unit, I used clamps to keep the back alighned.Back installedMade some layout lines so I knew where to add glue.Finally secured the center storage unit with glue and pocket hole screws, all the pocket holes were added to hidden parts of the assembly. Although I have to say that I don't really like using pocket hole joinery they do have these conveniences and uses especially in shop furniture.The front is installed the same way as the rest of the project components using glue and pocket hole joinery.THATS IT ALL FINISHEDCome Visit my blog on my website and also get my version of the free project plans

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posted at: 12:06am on 18-May-2019
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January 2021
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