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December 2021
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Chalk one up.

Furnished content.

Chalk one up.Boys and Girls,Found with the introduction of C19, I'm starting to regress as I find using my fountain pen

progressively challenging. With all this bloody politically correct propaganda, I could no longer find a reliable supplier of Indian Ink

for my pen(s)... yep, that's real blotting paper in front of the black... (and the biro blotting paper is in front of the blue).Poor diet and two much alcohol has put me in the Delorean with Marty McFly and made me reach for the chalk and blackboard only to find I have developed a C19 ”panic grip” and kept breaking my chalk,

Having no crayons and whiteboard marker tips got abraded by the texture of the blackboard I needed to stiffen up my chalk perhaps put some lead into it?I was forced to resort to the keyboard as my primary mode of literacy. Unfortunately, a keyboard under my armpit in the workshop needed a better portable alternative… even when I replaced my keyboard with a wireless one. To set the mood music, let me explain why this project came into fruition due to C19... Lockdown has forced me into making some pens and quickly realised my old sponge sanding pads for acrylics needed replacement the before and after,

(Shizen, that's worse than my ROS discs were before I discovered Abranet and started to extend disc life .) While ordering a couple of sets of the pads, I came across these ”Chalk Holder Kits”,

and I didn't have to call to Alexa to,

and it miraculously finished up on the order bugger, another set of bushings I had to find a slot for,
Ignoring SketchUp as the build was already preordained, chucked up the lathe and walked away with a curvatious blank, made out of my favourite Black Palm material,

along with a practice pine,
Bypassed my traditional SketchUp first stop, did a bee line (past the Manuka),

and headed straight for CorelDraw where the design for LBD

using the Brushed font was framed.Exported to the laser and made several cuts in the test pine blank, to determine positioning,

which was a total waste of time as I screwed up centering on the main blank,

(I repositioned the laser manually by 10mm to the left to better center the letters… and then the vino made me move it another 10mm through the program. DOH!)While I love Black Palm, it's a bugger to work with and does tend to leave hairline gaps on the surface. On hindsight I should have filled these gaps with a mix of ebony, walnut and jarrah wood filler, as they finished up getting filled with the white filler used for the lettering. Not that it was that bad, however, there was one gap that needed to be scraped out and re-filled,
The filler (white) was sanded flush with the surface, coated with 20 layers of CA and BLO mix finish. It was then sanded with the 6 grades (two sided) of these sanding pads designed for acrylics,

and finally polished with auto cutting paste.This picture with better lighting may reveal why I like the Black Palm,
At the end of the day, or end of the morning on the other side of my planet, this Chalk Holder will come in handy for all those panel mark-ups before glue-ups and countless other workshop uses it can't be used for.Keep safe jocks... or keep jocks safe, if you venture out and run the C19 gauntlet.

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posted at: 12:00am on 23-Oct-2020
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December 2021
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