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WS3000 accessory box
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WS3000 accessory boxFinally, I gave up and bought Work Sharp 3000, bought it used on amazon. The unit came OK – one rubber foot was lost and super fine sanding disk was glued with air bubbles. The leg was sent for free by customer support of Work Sharp (what a nice people!). And bubbles were removed with the needle and some efforts.
Pretty pleased with the device, but I am still learning to use it.As always, new tool needs some storage for accessories, in this case – glass disks, sand pads. So I built little box for them in F&D stile (”fast and dirty” :) ). The height and the length were determined by the salvaged pine(?) board. The width is obviously from the disk diameter. I almost did not have any cutoffs.I decided to challenge myself and my contractors TS for 45 miter cuts. It went OK, until I made few little mistakes while gluing up and clamping. But everything was saved/masked with sander and right angle photography.Made little jig with dowel key for routing dividers slots. It worked out great.1. Final result
2. Sketch Up project
3. Routing slots
4. Ready for glue up
5. Sanded and sprayed with poly-U
6. Dividers (and bottom) are lauan plywood scrap pieces

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