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Wood and Resin coasters
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Wood and Resin coastersExperimenting with wood and resin for fun and to see what projects I could easily crank out for craft fairs. These are made from wood I got from Woodcraft as part of their exotic hardwood project packs which were in the clearance section for half off. I ripped them to about 2 inches wide and so I got 2 pieces from each board. I've still go the other half to cast along with the other boards but my cellar is too cold for the epoxy to properly set right now with the central AC running.Cast the epoxy next to the board clamped in the mold, let it set, and then demolded. A number of trips through the planer brought everything level and about 1/2” thick. I then ripped each side to get a nice clean edge leaving the blank slightly smaller than 4” wide. Used the now ripped blank to set my crosscut sled so that all the coasters would be square. The now square coasters got all the edged rounded over with an 1/8” round over bit followed by sanding from 120 grit to 320 grit then wet sanding with 400, 500, and 1000 grit. A final sanding with 2000 grit and polarshine left the epoxy glassy. I hand sanded the wood with some extra 320 paper before cleaning everything off and then applying the wood honey. Wiped the excess off after 20 minutes and buffed with a spare cloth.Really happy how they turned out, I just wish I knew what the wood was. The sanding dust from the wood was kind of greenish yellow.I think they'll do well at craft fairs, I just need to perfect my production methods. I'm already figuring out a quick jig made of some plywood and scrap to form cleats to help anchor them when sanding as the ROS's pad is larger than the coaster itself.

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