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Walnut Belt Guard
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Walnut Belt GuardThis is a guard I made for my newest addition to the barn shop- a 12” Craftsman band saw. I made it out of scraps of walnut I had laying abound and a piece of 1/8 walnut plywood. I doweled all the joints because they were end grain and added 2- 1/4”-20 threaded inserts for mounting to the saw.
It is finished with semi gloss lacquer.I bought this saw for $25 at the A-Z Emporium where there was just about any thing from a-z for sale- like a flea market. He had this saw sitting outside in all kinds of weather and it was pretty rusty and had the paint peeling off all over- but it ran. I brought home all the cabinet parts and refinished them and LJ Rosepedal27 brought the top of the saw home in her truck ( Thanks so much Pattie !!).The main alteration I made to it was to put the full front cover on a hinge so it would swing open and closed without having to take off 4 nuts, take off the full cover and put it somewhere when changing the blade.. I like swinging doors on bandsaws for that reason. I have to make some quick snap fasteners to replace the 2 nuts I still have to remove. I also put locking casters on it , new bearings , a new pulley and a new blade. It runs really quiet and cuts very good. I may make a fence for it at a later date.Here are some shots of this saw:

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