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Two Burl Bowls
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Two Burl BowlsHad time on my hands today, so knocked out a couple more bowls. My neighbor says the darker bowl looks like a Dutch shoe. I argue for genie lamp.Here's its bowl portion:I'm not sure what kind of wood either of these bowls is, but I know they aren't wild cherry.I think I'm partial to the lighter bowl. It was actually cut flat on both sides (must have been used for clock faces), but I think it ended up being a pretty nice bowl.For this one, I did put Dead Flat Varnish on the outside to keep it from getting too dark. I was hoping the inside of the bowl would look darker by comparison, but it doesn't really. Had even played with the idea of staining the inside of the bowl (might try that with the next one)Pretty much used the same process that I have been using. Had to use a paddle bit on the smaller bowl for the declivity. Then I used disc sanders on my drill. The lighter bowl was ground out, ground on the outside, sanded through 40, 80, 120, 180, and 240 grit paper. Both were finished in wipe-on gloss poly.Thanks for looking!

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home << Woodworking << auto two burl bowls