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Travel jewelry boxes / Small keepsake
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Travel jewelry boxes / Small keepsakeSmall boxes with pull off lids. These are a “save” from a run of boxes that were intended to have hinges and magnets. Unfortunatly, I took the stock thickness too thin to accept the magnets and hinge screws and it generally turned into a mess after I ruined three trying to will it to work.So, I put them aside for about 8 months. Then decided to add a liner taller than I usually do, and voila, a really satisfying sliding action to open and close these now. They are tiny little boxes and I have 6 more to “save” from the original run…I'll get to those later!Padouk and “I can't recall”
Mahogany and PurpleheartThanks!

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home << Woodworking << auto travel jewelry boxes small keepsake