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Timberframe Mobile Toolchest
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Timberframe Mobile ToolchestMy brother in law was considering building a small shed in the side of his sloped acre in Alaska. I had enough spare tools that I decided to make him a timbrerframe tool chest in case he wanted to go a more old timey route on the build.It is poplar, about 24×16 x 14. I made a mechanism that will allow it to be a stool to sit on, or the post can be retracted and dragged along across the field on the two back wheels. Even the handle is adjustable between the two – short for carrying, long for dragging. Inside is semi-fitted for the tools I sent. Not perfect, but they will do. I mounted the holders with a tapered dovetail, then screwed them to the walls. Other tools are held with 2 sided velcro. That way he can rearrange if things change in his tool collection. This also includes the grease box I posted previously and the Japanese style small parts box. I added cleats to it, then had to add a stabilizer to keep it from tipping, (since the cleats didn't reach the center of mass).I made spots for the following tools: 2 Slick / 3 Framing Chisels / Combo Square / Ryoba saws / No 5 1/4 / Low Angle Block / Bevel Gauge / [Tape Measure] / Impact Gloves / Chalkline / Plumb Bob / Deadblow / Drawknife / Brace and bits / Marking tools, pencils, crayon / [Utility Knife]By the way, shipping something this big to AK is not cheap. :)

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