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Thirteen Happy Mushrooms ( refrigerator magnets)
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Thirteen Happy Mushrooms ( refrigerator magnets)I got this idea from watching a video of Slab City, Ca and some of the art displayed there. There were drawings of some of these happy mushrooms. My great granddaughters like magnets and they like mushrooms so I thought I should make them some. I pulled various scraps out of the wood storage room and I wound up with 13 after getting as many as I could from the scraps.
They are made from walnut, chestnut, Osage orange, box elder and 150 yr old cedar from a pickle vat. I finished all of them with Danish oil and then buffed and waxed them today.I added the last shot with all of them on my “refrigerator” display I use at craft shows to show what they are. They have a 3/4” x 1/8” rare earth magnet in the bottom held in with #6 SS wood screw.Cheers, Jim

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home << Woodworking << auto thirteen happy mushrooms refrigerator magnets