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I'm looking for some advice guys. I am building a gaming table. Basically a large coffee table with a sunken 'vault' in the middle of it, but it will also have a solid top that can be lifted off. The top is solid cherry 1" thick cut in 3 sections. Each section is about 20"x36". The top of course is there so the table can be used in a conventional way when not actually gaming.
My issue is that these top sections will literally just set on the table and not be fastened in any way.
So to break the question down to it's simplest form; If left to it's own devices, is a 20"x36" x1" solid cherry panel likely to warp? The grain runs in the long direction. I know it will move (expand/contract) but will it twist? It goes against my grain - if you'll excuse the pun- but I'm thinking of using C channel inset into the bottom side to help hold it flat. I've built many tables and never had an issue, but I've never built one where the top just free floats. These tops are already glued up and have been setting in my shop for a couple of weeks (no finish) and so far they are still flat, but to further my angst, the finished project will be moving from Michigan to Georgia.

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