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Studley-styled office wall cabinet
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Studley-styled office wall cabinetI recently wrapped up this on again/off again project and I'm pretty happy with the current configuration. It's set up for illustration work. Even if I had the time to do a proper homage to Studley's interior, I think changing tech would dictate periodic revisions, so I kept it modular and re-configurable. The black screen below the MacBook is a sort of drawing tablet/monitor called a Cintiq. It's mounted to a board which is supported by an Ergotron adjustable arm. There's a headphone hook and sketchbook shelf behind it. On the door is a ribbon memo board similar to those found in old writing slopes and a leather mail organizer below it. I didn't want hinges to show on the dummy drawers below that, so I made a brass 4-bar linkage with an old casement stay as a stop. I drew a phantom cup of tea and biscuits on the shelf. There's a sliding tray inside one of the drawers on the left. The construction was plywood front and back with pine sides. I had originally planned to paint it but then happened to score some mahogany veneer on a local classified site and used black ink on cherry for the black panels and mouldings. The trim on the cabinet join is ABS guitar binding. The brass corner bead has threaded holes and machine screws from the inside to hold them tight. The brass angle bar on the bottom was screwed on with slightly countersunk brass wood screws, which were then filed flush. The shelf to the right serves to catch the door in it's open position. The cabinet is mounted on a sort of French cleat frame.The 4th photo is the backside of the slats that hold the trackpad and software shortcut remote to the Cintiq mount. I used screw-down knobs so they'd be sturdy under constant pushing and prodding.Stay safe folks.

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