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Stickley/Douglas Inspired Dining Table
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Stickley/Douglas Inspired Dining TableWhen my wife decided that she wanted a round dining table that would seat 6, I took it as a chance to learn some new skills. I love Stickley pieces, and after some internet research, I came across a blog written by fellow LJ, Douglas, who detailed his journey making a similar table. Using that and internet photos as a guide, I embarked on my first dining table adventure.The top is 56 in diameter, and is 7/8 thick. Using a biscuit joiner, I joined 12 or so boards to create the top. I struggled with the biscuit joiner at first and used some pocket holes to join a couple of separate pieces. Once I had the top glued up, I used the router and a shop made circle cutting jig to cut out the circle for the top. I chamfered the underside and rounded over the top.The legs and table base are all laminated pieces. I drew the shapes I wanted, and cut out using the bandsaw, and shaped with my spindle sander. I cut mortises in the legs to accept the base. I then half-lapped 2 boards that attached to the top of the base to serve as support for the top. I used predrilled and countersunk screws to attach the table to the base.I actually completed this build just before Thanksgiving, and haven't posted until now because I wanted to build the chairs for the table and post both projects in a short timeframe. Unfortunately, due to the length of time since the table was completed (actually had a run of paying customers!), I don't remember many of the smaller details. If you have any specific questions, please let me know, and I will be glad to attempt to answer them.Thanks for looking!

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