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Standing Desk for Computer
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Standing Desk for ComputerTeleworking + bad ergonomics = pain in the tailbone. Had to make a stand-up platform for the computer. Maple plywood. Breaks down into four pieces, joinery = friction & gravity only. It wobbles only a wee bit, but not terribly. Groove for the cell phone is a 1/2” channel with a 3/8” hole for the power cord to feed in from underneath. The table is a cheap hollow-core door cut to width = my wingspan (64”); table trim cut from pine framing studs. Legs are 1” black iron pipe, threaded in segments so that table could be easily leveled. The computer stand sits on a clear vinyl deskpad, which REALLY works to keep it from skidding around the tabletop. Ikea footstool. Raw linseed oil on the computer stand, Minwax polyurethane finish on the table.

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home << Woodworking << auto standing desk for computer