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Spotty McGregor
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Spotty McGregorHi:This week my project was to build another “cremation urn” for our neighbour's dog.“Spotty”, a beautiful Border Collie, was the best friend of his master, always ready to please. He was a well trained and well exercised dog, who came to his master the week after his master had received double hip replacement.The idea was that his master would take him on walks five times each day, and that way undergo the necessary exercise to promote rapid healing from his surgery. It worked. His master was soon able to discard the walker, and move to a single cane. Later, he was able to discard the cane and walk unassisted.As a reward for service rendered to his master, Spotty got to enjoy walking the neighbourhood each day, greeting other dogs and socializing with the local community.Unfortunately, last week Spotty went out to the back yard for his morning constitutional, gave and loud shriek of pain and dropped dead from a heart attack.His master was overcome with grief. For seven years he and Spotty were companions.Thus the need for a cremation urn for Spotty's ashes.Spotty's full name was “Spotty McGregor”, a nod to his master's Scottish heritage. The Scottish Thistle was carved into the side of the urn, along with Spotty's name carved (and painted) onto the lid.Made of black locust and cherry woods, and featuring corner spines and buttresses.Dimensions: 5” x 5” x 5”. Volume = 60 Cubic Inches, one cubic inch for each pound of Spotty's weight.

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