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Slab sided floating top river table desk
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Slab sided floating top river table deskThis one has a ton of first for me:1) epoxy as finish (Stonecoat Countertop epoxy)
2) gouge texturing
3) sliding dovetail battens
4) shou sugi ban
5) TransTint dye
6) black dye
7) floating top
8) slabs that have only dried six months, paired with kiln dried lumber (It's okay, I accounted for wood movement)
9) fuming oak
10) Dark Tung OilThe top is made from quarter sawn Southern Yellow Pine (from the big blue box), tinted with TransTint Dye and finished with Stonecoat Countertop Epoxy.
The stretchers are Southern Yellow Pine, hand textured with a gouge. Dyed with black RIT dye and finished with rattlecan shellac.
The legs are hand cut red oak (water oak) that has been fumed in ammonia and finished with Milk Paint brand Dark Tung Oil.Other than the glue holding the desktop boards together, all the other joinery is non-glued dovetails, condor tails, and sliding dovetails.For way more detail and photos, jump to the parts that interest you. It is a long story with a lot of parts:
A) Intro – Floating top river desk planning
B) Epoxy river desktop with islands
C) Textured stretchers
D) Live edge slab legs
E) Assembly completeHow do I account for wood movement? The battens fit into sliding dovetails on the underside of the desk. These float free within the dovetail as the top expands and contracts. The battens also have another long dovetail that slides into the stretchers (not glued in) which fit into dovetails in the slab sides. As the slab sides contract (they were only 6 months off the tree when I made cut them) it will bring the stretchers closer to each other, but they are free to slide along the battens. Everything is free floating, when it comes to wood movement, but not so free floating that it will move apart by pushing on it.

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home << Woodworking << auto slab sided floating top river table desk