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Shut The Box, Living room game
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Shut The Box, Living room gameThis project was inspired by lumberjock duckmilks project seen here,A simple dice game called shut the box, Made with three species, Walnut and Ash for the base and the superstructure and number pegs from Oak. Once again I like to show off the end grains.Made from 51 pieces of wood, 60 dowels, some threaded rod, washers and nuts.
The middle pieces cross halve jointed and the ends doweled. The base laminated with dowels and simply glued and nailed to the superstructure. The numbers traced in pencil from a plastic stencil then hand burnt engraved in.Finished with Danish oil and signature hot branded on the underneath.
Below some pics of the construction stage.
Thanks for reading.Kind Regards

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home << Woodworking << auto shut the box living room game