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Scrap Bots!Having just wrapped up a big stressful project, I wanted to have some fun in the shop. I also really want to teach my boys the joys of woodworking, working with your hands, problem solving, and creating. Well the stars aligned and they actually showed some interest today so we spent the morning in the shop and had a lot of fun!Oldest boy's bot was “Pokey 200.” He's a dog relaxing on the ground, but don't let that fool you. It has a laser nose, ejectable bomb ears, a cannon tail, and a level on its back for precise targeting.Middle boy's bot was “Laserman 2000.” He has laser eyes, a laser nose, and mega-ultra-2000-infinity arm lasers.Dad's was “Dad Bot 9000.” He's got an anti-laser, anti-bomb ear, anti-cannon tail force field generator onboard, and a secret spinny bow-tie attack that wins every time – to be used in emergencies only.I let the kids do some simple cuts on the band saw and some shaping on the edge sander, with lots of supervision (so not many photos of that obviously). These boys are messy, full of energy, hard to focus, and a joy to be around. They're proud of their creations, and I'm proud of that. Everyone had a great time on this project, and I'm sure they'll have fun destroying these in due time. Then we can make some more :)

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