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I'm rebuilding my woodworking workbench, and in the process replacing the old face vise with a Record 52 1/2 model (9" wide cast iron face.) The old vise failed.In the photo below, I've mortised the faceplate into the wooden face block about 3/16" deep. These Record vises have a canted angle to the face, built in. It equates to about a1/8" gap at the bottom of the wooden faceplate with the vise just resting on the wooden faceplate (maybe 1 1/2 to 2 degrees.)

When bolted to the wooden faceplate, the faceplate assembly will not fit flat againstthe edge of the workbench top due to the angle. I've read discussions online about this issue and it seems the theory is that the top of the clamp will be tighter and prevent the work piece from moving. I've always liked vise faces to be perfectly (as much as possible) parallel with each other.

I can probably taper the mortise and get it close to parallel. What are your thoughts?



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