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Radiator Cover
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Radiator CoverOur house has radiant heat from big cast-iron hot-water radiators. The heating is lovely, but they're kinda ugly. I built this cover for the radiator in our dining room, to give us a little sideboard.Body is ash, top is ash, walnut and mahogony. The whole thing is finished with several coats of Watco Danish oil, and I added four coats of satin lacquer to the top.I'm rather pleased with the top—this was my first time attempting breadboard ends. Having breadboard ends with a breadboard middle (is that a thing?) was perhaps overkill, particularly since there's not much overhang. This was partly for aesthetics, and partly to compensate for difficulties I've had flattening long boards on a short jointer. But, with regular heat fluctuations from the radiator, any little bit helps, I figure. I do plan on putting some insulation between the radiator and the top, perhaps closed in with aluminum foil, both to protect the top a bit and to keep the heat headed out into the room instead of warming the space under the top.

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