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Projects built with friends and family
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Projects built with friends and familyMurphy bed: My buddy and I laid an oak wood floor and built the Murphy bed over a couple of weekends. They were fun projects which let he and I do a little something out of our wheelhouse. Bonus was he did all the finishing with his wife so I built and dashed. Win win in my book.Cutting board/ cheese display board:
The mahogany board was about 3 ft long by 20 inches wide so we have to saw in half to plain and rejoin the pieces to route cut the ends, route and finish. It was a fun project making it easier to justify bigger tools to the wife.Sliding door:
Built a sliding door around a mirror for my bother and sister in-law with ceiling mounted door hardware. The project was challenging because it was done with hand tools onsite and we had to open the ceiling up to provide structure for the rail. That was fun fixing the drywall over an eight foot length. Thank goodness for spray bottle popcorn texture.

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home << Woodworking << auto projects built with friends and family