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Pen Display for Dad
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Pen Display for DadFor Christmas I made my dad this 5-piece Pen Set and didn't have enough time leftover to make a case for them. His birthday is on Monday, and he will be turning the big seven-oh (70), so I took some time to put this together for him. I have a hard time getting him presents because he never wants to use gifts or replace anything he has. For example, my sister brought him home some candy from the middle east 14 years ago, and he still hasn't eaten it because he doesn't want to ruin the wrapper. So being that I am a home made gift giver, this seemed like a good idea.Full disclosure, I purchased the blank acrylic as a set from Rockler , which made the build go a lot quicker. However, I wanted to personalize it so I engraved the pieces before assembly with his name on top (Rocco L. Santucci) and the phrase on the bottom “Thanks for helping me write the story of my life”. I don't think that's a famous quote or anything, but given the application, I thought it to be a fitting phrase. I know that sometimes engraving on acrylic or glass can produce a “shadow” effect, so I had to mirror the text on the bottom and engraved the underside of the bottom piece to avoid that. I tried to show that in picture #3, but i'm not sure if you can see it or not.After engraving each piece, I assembled it and locked the screws in with some CA glue. I had to drill and countersink the mounting holes to be able to attach it to the piece of walnut, which in hindsight I should have done before assembly as I bumped the top piece with the chuck of my drill press (oops) and it left a mark.The last picture shows the old man in all his glory, at the Pirates game from last night. The Pirates are a terribly professional sports franchise, but going to the park to see a game is one of his favorite things to do. I have probably been to over a hundred Pirates games in my life and never once caught a homerun ball or a foul ball. Well last night we got crushed by the A's, but I caught not 1, but 2 foul balls and was able to give him an early birthday present.Thanks for stopping in and looking, and as always comments are welcome

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