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Molly's Memorial
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Molly's MemorialOK its NYD and the family have left.With all the fun times they took with them three signs for their sadly departed dog Molly.
1. A cross showing Molly
2. A secondary sign showing Molly
3. A Image of Molly set in timberShe was loved by all and was sadly missed.For those dog lovers interested she had a decorated kennel and Santa hat
for Christmas but didn't see the day checking out in her sleep beforehand.Anyway with the sad aspects over I attempted to make a fitting monument, and its detailed in some blogs.My original design concepts were not what was wanted and although not cast aside more removed and located elsewhere.Construction details:timber Aust Red Ironbarkcross half lapped and glued
cormers radiused and sanded
finishing gold leaf inlay
sanding sealer 1st coat
marine UV polly second coat …applied by eldest daughter Caitlinfurther coats TBA by the family in instu at the resting place.The silver inlay sign is for their Cubby house somewhere.The Picture to TBA, the reason it was removed was for environmental issues, due to the need for constant t fading in the sun and so forth

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