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Modern twin beds
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Modern twin bedsI recently made two twin beds for a client. Construction was a simple 5/8” plywood box beam frame that was skinned with 1/2” alder (sides and bottom) and 3/4 alder (top). The client originally wanted 6 X 6 walnut but that was out of the question due to cost and availability. I was able to miter the outside corners of the 1/2” alder on the foot of the bed and the 3/4” alder top. The headboard, a simple removable plywood box, will be upholstered by the client. It covers the joints at the head of the bed so miters were not required. The 3/8” baltic birch slats fit in groves on the inside of the frame and are center supported by a beam made of 5/8” plywood with 3/4” alder sides and spacers that provide notches to keep the slats from moving. It will be stained a dark walnut my staining professionals. The final step will be the installation of large industrial 6” diameter locking casters. Not my idea.

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