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Mobile stand key ring - less is plenty
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Mobile stand key ring - less is plentyMobile stand key ring
less is plentyHi LJ's,
Here a small project you can make with the kids, as Christmas gifts, to use small scraps, or just for the fun of it, as I did.A simple mobile stand key ring, any piece of hardwood scrap will do, cut to fit your mobiles width, I gave the rabbet a small angle, so the mobile stands firm in the stand, then shape ut how ever you like and give it some finish.Here a piece of bog oak, from the Danish viking museum Sagnladet Lejre, a woodworking friend had the luck to get a few pieces and gave me one, so every little off cut gets a use.
I gave it Danish oil and polished it up, after shaping it on a sander.
Made a handful of these, in different woods, my wonderful friend Claus got one and a few other friends as well as my daughter, will get the rest.
1. Mobile in stand.
2. Less is plenty.
3. Side view.
4. Handy…
5. No more lost keys or mobile…
6. From back.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.Hope it can be to some inspiration, or even a few mobile stand key rings.Best thoughts,MaFe

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home << Woodworking << auto mobile stand key ring less is plenty