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Hiding painted plywood butt jointed seams
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So I volunteered to make my daughter abuilt in for thier family room. She lives about three hours away, so I'll fabricate at home and bring the components to her house.Everythingwill be painted.

The configuration is thatshe has a largerecessed alcove about 12' long, 8' high and 24" deep. There will be a bottom row of cabinets the entire length and 3' wideshelving units on each end. The upper center section will have the TV.

I've done a couple kitchenprojects, so I'm finewith making the base cabs and shelving units. My question is about the countertop which will be about 16" deep, butthe 12' length has me a bit perplexed. Fabricating a solid top would be difficult for several reasons (small shop, 13" planer, no way to haul a 12' top), so I was thinking fabricating the top from plywood in two or three sections.I'll need to assemble thetop on site, add wood edging tothe front,then prime andpaint it.

We want a uniform, solid looking top.Are there techniques to hide the seams in the butted ply and edgebanding so they don't telegraph when built and in the future? What type of glue? Should I depress/chamfer the joints and fill?Or other suggestions?

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home << Woodworking << auto hiding painted plywood butt jointed seams