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Grilling Plank
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Grilling PlankI'm more of a furniture maker, but just thought I'd share this with y'all. I purchased some Red Grandis for a furniture project. Most of the wood was acceptable with a bit of work … no big deal. However, there was a 2 ft piece that was giving me grief. I would flatten it to and within a day or so it would twist. I flattened it a bit more and after another day or so … more twist. My last try I flattened it to a thickness … and it was flat. That is until 2 days later that twist showed up. I live in California… there is no humidity nor rain obvious by the fires.My wife has been asking for a grilling plank. I have the perfect one. These are normally cedar, but I've seen them made of maple, walnut, & oak so why not Red Grandis. I washed it and soaked it for about 4 hours and then an additional 30 minutes in white wine (the cheapest I could find). Then gave it to my wife. That salmon was the best we've had in a long time.Try it sometime.

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