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Grandsons First Toolbox
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Grandsons First ToolboxMy son has been showing my grandson how to fix things more and more lately. (me too) Also I'm sure you're familiar when you buy certain things they give you a free tool,, as in his bike or his scooter etc. So my son told him to keep the tools somewhere where he'll remember so he can have them to fix some of his own things. Well my grandson asked me to make him a little toolbox to keep all his tools together so I made him this for now.
It's 13''w x 7h x 7deep, made of some scrap walnut.
I added a couple of those free harbor freight tools and a couple others to help him get a start. He was excited about it and when he got home he told his dad they need to adjust some steering thing on his electric scooter.
I hope he learns to put his tools back in there when he done. LOL.

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