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First Projects Since I Retired
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First Projects Since I RetiredI got the smell of woodworking late in life. Been at it for about 2 years now. Found out measuring with a micrometer marking it with chalk cutting it with an axe and beating it together doesn't make good projects. So I slowed down and found a couple of plans I thought I could accomplish and decided to post some of the better ones here for my very first post. I found this site a while back and have enjoyed reading looking and thinking. I have enjoyed the ideas and the friendship I see here. So, I pulled the trigger today and signed up.
The first photo was built for my grandson when he told me he wanted for Christmas was a BIG TRUCK grandpa, BIG TRUCK. So here is the very first project I did and made him a big truck. Used my entire shop full of tools, A 7 1/4 circular saw, hammer, cordless drill tons of screws lots of dirty words and LOTS OF BANDAIDS. (Took me a while to learn to move my thumb out of the way of the hammer and that 1 1/2 screws do stick out through a 3/4 board and will keep on screwing into the finger). He is hauling his big sister somewhere Lord only knows where! The second one is a scoot trike with ping pong balls (Lots of noise) in the rollers to drive my daughter nuts for my newest grandson. The third one is evident he wants to see where he has been. The fourth one is Last year's handmade Christmas gifts for family. I think I may have created a monster in giving away handmade STUFF for Christmas. Me thinks they are going to expect it from now on. The last photo is one of the clocks that I made. I learned how to cut the wood so the grain matches all the way around the clock.
This woodworking stuff is going to be fun, maybe not to much of a profit maker, but who can place a dollar amount on a smile and a memory?

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