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Drop-front Cherry Secretary
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Drop-front Cherry SecretaryDrop front secretary made of cherry. We are waiting for the wood to darken and even out, hopefully. It is 44 tall, and 34 wide, and 16 deep when closed. Finished with Watco 'natural' Danish Oil.The mechanism to support the desk when opened is automated. The support bars are linked to the desk surface and come out when you open it. See post: wanted the mechanism to be stainless, but didn't want shiny, so I ended up using the Caswell stainless steel blackener. It worked well in my opinion.It is all mortise and tenon, and was quite difficult to plan the order of the glue up. I think I dry-assembled it about 100 times before the first drop of glue. Especially hard was the front angled corner, 5 different parts come together there, and it is also where the stress concentrates when you lean on the desk surface.I logged my time, and it took about 170 hours without the design time. My excuse: the only power tool I have is a table saw for ripping, everything else was done by pull saw, chisels, hand planes, etc. Nice and quiet. Oh yea, a random orbital sander (power tool?), not so quiet.

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