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Dream a Little Dream
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Dream a Little DreamCome along with me as I fly my seaplane over a sea that looks like a Mulberry slab, the waves look like Maple logs, and the puffy clouds in the sky resemble, just a little bit, the leaves of a hedge. If I may direct your attention below the ship (mmm mmm airplane), and slightly to the port (left) side, you may observe what appears to be a tiny desert island with a single tree.We skim the wave tops to get a closer look, all around (the waves do exist all around).Here's what it looked like before I lit into it.Not what I was aiming for. Not at all what I was aiming for. Delightful, the way that happens, innit?Thank you. And, I apologize.- When you tell your friends about me, please try to think of something nice to say -

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