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Camp BladeI was looking for a hefty camping all around knife but couldn't find one I liked so figured I'll make one. For a long time I've wanted to get into knife making but do not have the metal forging setup. This time around I went with a blade kit from which overall is pretty nice. blade arrived pre-sharpened to scary sharp levels (unexpected) and a set of curly maple scales (no, I did not use it as I wanted a darker look). Looking at their website now, they do seem to offer all kind of scale options (but at the time it was “random scales of sellers choice”).For the scales I ended up slicing up a scrap rosewood I had laying around waiting to be put to a good use. sizing was perfect for this. Since I no longer have any of my power tools, I ended up ordering a ryoba and dozuki from which worked out great! It's been a while since I actively did any cutting, so was a good excuse to get back to it.Overall, many rooms for improvements, but this was more of a play around with type project and learning as I go along. overall pleased with how it came out, and know what to do better next time around.

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