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Box for miter saw
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Box for miter sawI've got two miter box saws, one of them somewhat dull, and the other pretty dull, and I need to ship them off for sharpening (still haven't found someone here in Santa Fe), one at a time, and rather than wrap the saw in bubble-wrap and cardboard, and have the USPS try hard to destroy it, I figured I'd make a box. A few pieces of pine later, and I've got a shipping box that should hold up pretty well, though it is probably twice as heavy as the saw.The saw fits into the box with the blade guard on, and the handle to the left (and spine down – guess I should've rotated that picture the other way). The cutout in one side of the box allows room for the blade guard in the box. Then the lid (which has breadboard ends just because I didn't have a long enough ten-inch-wide board in the leftovers pile) will get screwed on with a dozen or so screws. I'll tape on a label, and away it'll go.Constructed of 3/4 pine. Final (closed) dimensions are about 36×10x3 inches (90×25 x 8 cm). Joinery is just butt joints, glued and screwed. The screws that are meant to be removed to open the box are slotted. The rest are Robertson drive.Finished with a coat of linseed oil.Guess I really should set up my saw vise and get to sharpening my own saws one of these days

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