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Barn Wood Flag - hand hewn
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Barn Wood Flag - hand hewnWe have a local barn wood salvage company and I went there last year & found a hand hewn beam that someone had sliced a tapered piece off the face. It was about 6' long (6” wide) and tapered in thickness from 1” to about 5/8”.I have a good friend, at work, that was turning 50 so I pulled the old hand hewn piece out of my rack and when I looked it over I had my doubts I could do anything with it.This Betsy Ross flag was the outcome- I think it has a lot of character. Along with the old hand tooling marks – there were a lot of old mounting holes that added to the character. it measures ~13” tall & ~24 3/4” wideI have made over 20 flags in the past few years & this one was the most time consuming but I like how it turned out.The stars were carved (mostly) with my CNC- but where they wrap over a rounded edge I had to use a chisel.Thanks for looking.Bill in MI

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home << Woodworking << auto barn wood flag hand hewn