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Aircraft Carrier Shadow Box
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Aircraft Carrier Shadow BoxMy shipmate and friend is retiring from the US Navy in June after 35 years of service. We served together on the USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN 71). He was the Flight Deck Office and I was the Air Bos'n. He asked me to make his shadow box and he wanted it in the shape of an aircraft carrier. He must have thought a garage full of tools equals talent and skill…I search the internet for ideas and came across a few posts on here. I reached out to one particular woodworker. He was generous and kind enough to answer me. Over the course of the build his tips and encouragement were most helpful and instrumental. Thanks Al!Bow to Stern she is 43-inches with a beam of 19-inches and 3-inches from the flight deck to the keel. There is a -inch rabbet on the bottom for the back and a 'flange' around the top for the glass. I started with a 12-foot 4/4 cherry board.She has 12 different miter angles. (The customer wanted symmetry.) Each piece has two different angles on each end. Needless to say, I measured and checked my angles SEVERAL times before turning on the saw.I was concerned during the whole build about the strength of the miters and all the handling the box would be subject toso I reinforced with dowels. My buddy liked the contrasting look, so I used birch dowels. I'm more confident now it will stand up to gentle handlingI think.I had the fantail engraved to match the fantail of the THEODORE ROOSEVELT circa 2008 when I was the Air Bos'n there. The Air Boss let me put the phrase on our round down in 5 inch letters.I used General Finishes satin water based topcoat (x4) and a coat of wax.Going to the class cutter tomorrow.I put a lot of self induced stress on myself because it was quite the challenge and an important build. Now that it is complete I am very relieved!!Thanks for looking.Ski

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