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A Small Bowl
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A Small BowlThis, I thought, was my last bit of Jacaranda. I was wrong. For I climbed up the shelf and found, to my amazement, that there are a few sticks left. Very skinny sticks. I'm not even sure they're fat enough to make goblets. And Jacaranda's nowhere near hard enough to made a tool handle of it. In any case, this was the last little chunk of it I had.Make note of the lower left photo. You see the shape of a sideways pomegranate? I knew there would be something fascinating behind that. I was right. A repeat of Gallery photo #1 shows it. The appearance of the figure folding in on itself like a couple of sand dunes is what I'm talking about, of course. And the chatoyance is stunning, in motion. That's the “money shot.”The wondrous thing, the perplexing thing, about this Jacaranda is that it seems to be the only wood among all the orphaned tree pieces I've collected that hasn't cracked. Nor does this piece seem to have any pith to speak of. Wonderful stuff, this Jacaranda. I want more.I made some photos on the lathe, in case I screwed it up.I made one more photo, of the bottom. I'll keep it this way til I decide whether to put a plug in it or make some kind of stand for the bowl.It's very small (not as small as the Things you've been treated to, lately). It's about 3” tall. I finished this with BLO/Shellac.Thank you. And, I apologize.

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