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5 Gallon Bucket Sleeve
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5 Gallon Bucket SleeveI had an order for this piece to be square and I was not going to post it because it would be a simple project.
I did not want to make it like that so I asked her if I could make a hex bucket sleeve to give it a better appearance…and she agreed. It is to cover a bucket they leave out for something and wanted it hidden from view from the road.
I used 1×10 rough sawn cedar and the boards were cupped a bit and I could not bevel the edges accurately enough like that so they got planed flat. This was good job to tune up my Dewalt biscuit cutter with as I found it to be off for flat work and after fixing the stop for that, the 60 degree angle came out right on for this work.
The sleeve is 14” across the flats inside and 15” high. The are 3 #20 biscuits in each joint. I routed in a hand slot on two sides to lift it off. It is unfinished and she will probably stain it.To make the 60 degree bevels parallel I had to make an addition to my fence so the first cut could ride on the bevel surface and not the thin edge. I had to make 3 little T-nuts to go in my fence to hold it on there. I added 2 shots of the fence addition.Cheers, Jim

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home << Woodworking << auto 5 gallon bucket sleeve