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Shop Made Sliding Table for Tablesaw
It's kind of rough around the edges, and I'm still tweaking it, but here's my version of a sliding table for my table saw.

It gives me about 31" before the blade.

There are three 28" full-extension drawer slides (mounted flat), that control the range of motion before the blade.
And there are three 24" full-extension drawer slides (mounted flat), that control the range of motion past the blade.

Even with the sliding table, I managed to keep the entire table saw setup completely mobile (ignore my claustrophobic shop.)

The beauty of using drawer slides, is that the table has a wide range of forward and backward motion, but the table itself doesn't have to be that long, like other sliding table setups I've seen.

The stacked forward and backward tables can be "locked" in place, because the slides have a built-in locking feature that would have kicked-in when the "drawers" were closed. It's nice because when I move the saw around, the tables don't move around willy-nilly, but they're easily pushed out of their locked position when needed. They're in their locked positions in the first pic.

It was all based on the sliding table and cross-cut fence I found here.

Here is a video of how the table moves. It was taken with my cell, just to get something out quick, but I'll post some better footage soon.

Here is a another video of the table in action while cross-cutting a wide panel.

Any questions at all, or if you want a pic from another angle, by all means, just ask in the comments.

Thanks for visiting.

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