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You Name ItThis is a ??? kitchen thing.About 14 inches long, 3-1/4 wide and varies on thickness of flat part from relatively sharp on the front and right side to 3/8 thick on the left side.Made from pallet oak. Used a lot of different tools, even the scrollsaw and a lot of sanding,- even using a flap-wheel on the drillpress for some of it. The sharpening was all done with sanders. 2 hand sanders and 2 different belt sanders were used. The oscillating 4” grizzly carried the heavy load, with the 6” Jet doing the sharpening part.As I do not have a band saw the angle cuts were done with hand saws. the handle part was curt on the scrollsaw.Finish is many (probably 15+ ) coats of walnut oil-food grade.Design was a T & E special again.

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