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Yet Another Moxon Vise

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Yet Another Moxon ViseWith inspiration from kocgolf and PlanBWoodworks and the many other moxon builds on LJ I have completed a moxon vise, although it may get modified with use.Features I used from their projects:
1. included table area behind chops with dog holes – useful on my bench with no dog holes (because top is replaceable hardboard)

2. Inexpensive screws from the Walmart Gold's Gym Dumbbell Handle with Spinlock Collars, 14” Standard ($14 for a pair)

3. Ears on inside chop to use for clamping to bench

4. Making outside chop slightly taller than inside to help align the vise with edge of bench
These features were my adaptations (time will tell if they are actually helpful):
1. Used 2 screws with washers and hole on adjacent support rail to fix rear nut. This will allow removal if needed.

2. Sloted attachments for rear top attaching to support rails to allow for top wood expansion due to cross grain between rails and top.

3. Drilled 2 holes between outside nuts (handles) and threaded bar. Drove cut off nails into holes and expoxed this assembly together. Turning nut/handle now turns threaded bar into vise eliminating situations where threaded bar would stick out. Down side – this makes changing opening between chops slower. May make larger handles in future.

4. Attached front of top and rails to inside chop with recessed screws. This will allow removing top for replacement or mounting to a bench in future.

5. After reading kocgolf's reports of sagging when front chop opened wide I added extending blocks behind inside chop and found that a forstner bit used for recessing quarters was just the right amount smaller than a 1” bit (with a little sanding on oscillating sander) to fit the threaded bars just right. Also helped to wax inside of holes. There is little sagging even when extended as far as possible (giving 8” between chops)

6. Used some scrap plastic wood to make washers (white you see between handle and front chop.
Note: one end of one of the threaded bars had a thicker coating than the other. So I had to sand it some.This was an low cost project. In addition to the dumbbell handles I bought $12 worth of hard maple. For dogs I got a set of 4 Kreg blue plastic ones on Amazon for under $9. The support rails and top are made from pine recycled from an old bench top 2X10s which cleaned up nicely. Chops are made from hard maple. My guess is this monster weighs in at over 50 pounds.Size: 20” wide by 23” deep, 12” between dog holes and 13” between the threaded bars. dog holes are spaced 5 3/8” apart front to back

Read more here

posted at: 12:04am on 06-Feb-2019
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