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WOrking My HF Workbench
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WOrking My HF WorkbenchAt just under 170 sq. ft. I'm probably in competition for one of the smallest shops on this board…. being organized, and focusing on a creative floor plan is key to me. I actually have two (2) HF workbenches…. I've mounted each on locking casters to raise their heights a little (I'm 6'1”).... one one bench I've installed T-Track,,, but the one pictured has been my focus today as I've added a shelf… very close to the bottom of the legs, to store lumber. I'd also removed and re-worked the existing shelf, making it into a sliding platform for my new Cutech 8” jointer. The top of it sits at 24” inched from the floor, but considering it's not used daily, it's either make allowances or simply don't have a tool like this is my shop. Bending over for a few minutes every now & then is no big deal compared to the flexibility of having a jointer in the shop ! Anyway…. with all due respect… my two positionable HF workbenches do a great job for me… and I'm not a HF fan, I'm generally not overly fond of their products… but I do love the workbenches… and I'm not even through customizing them yet !

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