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Workbench DrawersDue to some long needed re-organoization of the instrument repair section at work, I finally got my very own dedicated space. No more sharing with the boss! So I put up a tool board, acquired a nice LED light and decided I needed some nice storage drawers on the worktop. No more bending down to access my plastic drawer/bins!I used some wood that was previously the frame of our futon. The measurements fit my purpose and they were pre-stained! The drawers are basically easily removed boxes so that I can put them to the side for easy access. Several are dedicated by task, bridge tools, pencils, finish touchup, etc.The wood is pine and the finish is oak stain with an overcoat of boiled linseed oil. Each drawer measures about 11×5 inches. I'm very happy with the result.

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home << Woodworking << auto workbench drawers