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Vertical Holding Jig for Tablesaw
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Vertical Holding Jig for TablesawThis is a jig I made tonight to be able to safely and accurately slot the ends of some long vertical pieces. I had no other way to hold them safely.
This could be a tenon jig too. I was given a big cast iron tenon jig but it did not fit my tablesaw so I gave it back. This was made along those lines only I used maple plywood for the bulk to clamp to.It is made from 1/2” and 5/8” maple plywood and doweled and screwed and glued together. It is 4” wide x 8” long and 6” high with a vertical rail to insure the piece is held square. I left a 1/4” lip on the bottom for the piece to sit on so the edge is never dragged across the top of the saw. It rides totally on the jig like a sled!The only finish on it is wax on the bottom and side.
It worked good to put the 1/4” slots in the pieces of the next project. It held the parts real well and I felt comfortable using it that way.Cheers, Jim

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