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Tortilla pressI like cooking, and I like making my cooking tools. The kitchen is a workshop, and I'm a happy guy.I've been eating keto lately. I'm not serious about it like keeping track of the numbers, just going low carb and trying stuff other than meat. I like bread, all kinds, and flatbreads are awesome.I've also watched more than my share of youtube lately. After watching people making keto foods and roti presses, I jumped in. I drew this up and started cutting and gluing . I didn't know if it was going to work until I made some tortillas. Like I said, I'm a happy guy.This is the 1st recipe I've tried out on this press. It's quick and easy, and they taste good. are smallish tortillas. I think the press should max out about 7”I decided to make 2, 1 for me and 1 for a Christmas gift.Sapele and aspen. 8 and 1/2” x 8 and 1/2” x 7 ” tall. Each of the main plates is 1” thick. I started with 3/4” thick stock, ripped it into 1” wide strips, and rotated them 90 degrees, as in making a cutting board. Kinda like quartersawn, it should stay stable.Mohawk Dead Flat Lacquer. Once the finish cures I might put on some beeswax.

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