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January 2021
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Storage for JessEm Dowel Jig

Furnished content.

Storage for JessEm Dowel JigI owe a debt to Ron Stewart for goading me to get at this project with his post. His implementation is rather different than mine, but his post reminded me to get to this task. Ron also linked to earlier posts by Bob Penoyer and Manuka. By tracing back through those projects, you can find four quite different implementations.I made this box as a first attempt at box joints back when I bought an Incra box joint jig five or six years ago. At some point, I threw the JessEm jig into the box to corral the many parts, but for a couple years now, they've just been rattling around in there.While I liked Ron's box, the box I was working with was shallower than his, so I had to come up with a single-layer solution. I began with laying a couple scraps of 3/4” cherry ply as a base and then inlaid the unused inserts in the ply. The jig itself rests in a groove on one end and on a dowel on the other. The depth is such that with the lid closed, the jig cannot shake loose from its moorings; the lid holds the jig in place.Note: one potential downside of my design is that the distance is fixed between the groove the jig rests in and the dowel that keeps it level, so the jig must always be set to the same depth. Not a huge deal for me, but others might find that an annoyance.I wanted to make sure that the bits didn't shake loose from their cradles either, so I fashioned the toggles.The 3/4” bit and the sleeve stored below it aren't part of the jig, but this seemed like the place to store them.As always, questions, constructive criticism, and comments are welcome.

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posted at: 12:00am on 12-Jan-2021
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home << Woodworking << auto storage for jessem dowel jig

January 2021
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