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Standing Cabinet
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Standing CabinetI always wanted to build a Krenov-style standing cabinet but needed something larger for practical storage. The carcase is 3/4 birch plywood with a PSA-backed ash veneer and trimmed with 1/4 walnut. The doors are 3/4 walnut, assembled with pocket screws, with 1/4 plywood panels finished with ash veneer. I constructed the base with mortises made with a plunge router and my homemade mortising jig and loose tenons. I glued up some of the 22 degree waste pieces from the crown to make the door handles, gave them a nice flare. I had a little snafu with the veneer though. I have used PSA-backed peel and stick veneer multiple times but for some reason this time it bubbled up (probably because I did not apply a sealer first). Since I had already applied the trim, I ended up using a router and flat bit to skim off the veneer and glued in panels of 1/8 HDF with new veneer. Overall I very happy with the proportions of this piece and how it turned out.

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