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June 2020
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Shop Cabinet

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Shop CabinetI made this out of poplar, with a maple top. I wanted more storage plus another work surface. It was all done by hand and all solid wood except for the plywood drawer bottoms.It was good practice cutting half-blind dovetails and fitting drawers. By the end of this I was pretty happy with how my joints on my drawers came out.I'm also pretty new to making frame and panel pieces. Both sides, the bottom, and the two doors gave me pretty good practice on those. I thought I had gotten the doors pretty good, but I've got a little twist in one of them. I also hadn't hung doors before this. They were looking pretty good before I painted, but after I took them off to paint and put them back on, they weren't hanging quite right. I'll probably take them off one more time and do a little tweaking to see if I can get them just right. Part of it seems to be that the screws I got don't want to seat completely in the hinges. They look like they might be hitting each other and keeping the hinges from closing all the way.Overall, I'm pretty happy with how this came out. I feel like I got some good experience making it, learned some new techniques, and got some confidence to tackle something a little fancier next. Plus, I've got more storage space in my garage now! I'll probably make some little boxes and trays for small tools so I can keep things in the cabinet and just pull out a tray and take it to the bench when I need things.

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posted at: 12:00am on 08-Nov-2019
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home << Woodworking << auto shop cabinet

June 2020
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