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Scroll saw puzzle for grandson
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Scroll saw puzzle for grandsonI have made about 6 scroll saw puzzles for the grandkids….....they love to play with them.On this one, I thought I would try something different. I wanted to include my grandson's name on this puzzle.My process was:1. Cut pine blank2. Paint blank white on both sidesNote: Use oven at 120F to speed up paint drying process3. Apply blue masking tape to top of blank4. Glue full scale pattern of puzzle from Sketchup onto blue tape using white Elmer's glue5. Scroll saw the puzzle6. remove paper pattern and blue tape7. Using carbon paper, and a Sketchup print-out of the letters, trace them through the carbon paper8. Paint letters 1st time, bake in oven for 10 minutes9. Give 2nd coat of paint to letters and bake10. Apply blue masking tape as guide for top and bottom horizontal 1/4” wide bars11. Paint 2 coats of paint for the 2 bars12. Remove blue masking tape13. Paint back greyIf I do another one like this, I would change my background color from white to maybe grey or dark yellow…...I just don't care for the white.I would also paint the 2 horizontal stripes before I scroll sawed the puzzle. I did them last, and had some paint bleed under the blue masking tape at the saw joints.But, I bet my grandson and his sister will still love playing with it !If you are interested in all the details of this project…..........see my web site.thanks

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