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Picnic Table for our neighbor friends
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Picnic Table for our neighbor friendsThis is just a simple 6' picnic table that I made for our next door neighbors. They are from Russia and were exiled from Russia when the Soviet Union broke up. The 1st President Bush took many refugees to the US. I can't say enough about how nice our new neighbors are the best neighbors anyone could ask for. It feels good to be able to help them get on their feet. I found some discounted PT lumber at HD's and a 10 ft umbrella on our neighborhood site and got this done for them.This build took just over a days work in the shop and only cost $61.66 for all the wood and hardware including the umbrella. They were very thankful! Funny how that 10' umbrella makes the table look small.Oh.. the table was too heavy to carry so I attached some wheels to it and we rolled it over to their patio. Now they can enjoy the day in the shade!
Thanks for looking in!

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home << Woodworking << auto picnic table for our neighbor friends